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Don’t Miss Out on this Winter Limited Edition Meal from OPTP!

OPTP has come out with the perfect winter meal to keep you asking for more, more and even more! It can get tricky for restaurants, cafes and other food joints to keep their menu updated for all seasons but OPTP never disappoints. Like every year, OPTP is serving us winter delights this year too. So keep on reading to find out exactly what this winter delicacy from OPTP is!

OPTP’s Winter Limited Edition Meal

Winter calls for some comfort food and OPTP is back with its Limited Winter Edition Meal! OPTP is known for their extensive and delicious menu full of meals to cater every taste bud and their latest addition is something everyone will enjoy. So are you ready to hear which winter specialty is going to make this winter even more exciting? OPTP hasanswered all our prayers and brought back their most popular and sought after Finger Fish & Chips to please your taste buds. We invite you to enjoy the world-famous Tilapia fish served OPTP style!

OPTP’s Finger Fish & Chips

Finger Fish & Chips includes four pieces of crispy batter-fried Tilapia fish served with OPTP’s specialty; crunchy, light and airy fries and its signature garlic mayo sauce. It’s warm, comforting and oh so addicting! The serving amount is just enough to satisfy those hunger pangs and fill you up. The flavor balance is just right and the crispy exterior to fluffy and tender interior ratio of both the fish and fries is perfect. The garlic mayo sauce is the ultimate condiment to this mellow flavored meal.It is an addition to this already tasty meal to make it even more appetizing.  We bet this will become your new favorite winter dish and you won’t be able to stop yourself from coming back for more!

Hurry Up!

Doesn’t it sound so good and exactly what you need this winter? Well, hurry up because OPTP won’t be serving this winter treat for long! Remember this is a winter limited edition meal and is only available for small time-slot! Make the most of this winter delicacy by trying out these Finger Fish & Chips now! You don’t want to miss out on this scrumptious winter treat from OPTP so ORDER NOW!!

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