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Do you have a Sunday Beauty Ritual yet?

Busy is the new norm, but what is that one thing that keeps us going the entire week? The promise of some me time every #SundayToSunday!

In today’s day and age we’re all juggling numerous tasks every day and rushing from one commitment to another because of which we forget to practice the most important thing….which is self-care!

What is self-care you ask? It’s the simple act of taking time out of your busy schedule to allow your body and mind to relax and rejuvenate. Its not just a fancy habit but rather very essential for maintaining a healthy life. While we understand it is impossible to do so on a daily basis it is important that you do so at least once a week. Hence we propose we all develop a simple Sunday Beauty Ritual that we can regularly follow. ATTENTION girls! Read on to discover our suggested Sunday Beauty Ritual.

We suggest starting off with a natural face mask. You can use ingredients already available in your house, like bananas! They don’t just taste good but also contain extracts that can refresh your skin. Simply mash a banana up and apply on your skin!

Next get blood circulating by massaging a nice hair oil onto your scalp. We suggest pure coconut oil, slightly heated in the microwave as it not only nourishes your hair but also makes them shinier and softer. Bonus points for getting ammi to give you one of her magical champis.

Lastly we suggest using our beloved Mahira Khan’s secret weapon…Veet! Check out their latest TVC to see how it enables our starlet to effortlessly conquer life and run from one commitment to another without having to worry about unwanted hair. Hence we suggest you use it every #SundayToSunday to get silky smooth skin for 7 days and stay #HameshaReady for the week to come.

So girls that was our Sunday Beauty Ritual. Let us know if you will be following it or have your own Sunday Beauty Ritual that we can learn from. ALWAYS REMEMBER you should always be your first priority!

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