Fat over Slim- Diet Chef's advert banned for body shaming
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Fat over Slim- Diet Chef’s advert banned for body shaming

Body shaming is a topic which needs to be discussed with utmost clarity and genuineness. While there are people and institutes which are its staunch advocates, there are many who still are chained by the stereotypical concepts of a perfect living.

A few months ago, the famous international brand introduced a television advert which portrayed a weepy woman meeting a slimmer and a happier version of herself. Owing to the despicable idea it presents and the image it portrays, the Advertising Standards Authority has banned the ad.

Diet Chief’s ad has been deemed “irresponsible” and has been found of forcing that utmost happiness can only be achieved through weight loss. The TVC portrays a woman, Cheryl, before and after the usage of service. The advertisement shows Cheryl as saying;

“I know how you feel; you can look that good again, you know,” and “I bought a bikini last week, for the first time since this picture.”

After ASA started getting complaints regarding Diet Chef, the advert was banned due to portraying a discriminatory concept for those who do not have ‘ideal’ figure. Here is the complete ad which rocked the social media;

What stems in my mind after watching this ad is, pity for those who think that weight has an authority to control happiness and delight. Nothing and no one can attribute self-joy to a thing that is not under ones’ control and no product could demean those who are not “up to what society reckons as perfect”.

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