This country has banned Uber and Careem from airport pickups
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This country has banned Uber and Careem from airport pickups

Uber and Careem drivers have been banned from picking up passengers from Saudi Arabia’s airports, reports national Al-Madina newspaper. The statement of the ban has come through the courtesy of Kingdom’s General Directorate of Traffic.

Saudia’s Airport regulations have already banned private drivers to offer pick-up from airports. This clearly means that Uber and Careem drivers were operation under the illegal territory.

On the other hand, Colonel Tareq Al-Rubaiaan has commanded that the traffic authorities are fully allowed to punish all the violators who are found going against the rules.

Saudi Arabia, as compared to other Gulf countries, has embraced the change brought through Uber and Careem’s pick-up services in the transport sector. The main reason behind this steady incorporation could be the state’s idea to support Vision 2030 economic reform plan. The basic idea behind this reform is to include more women in the workforce.

Uber and Careem’s passengers account to 80 per cent women, owing to the country barring women from driving. Moreover, with the advent of app Saudi men have also gotten chances of more employment.

Saudia’s Public Investment Fund bought a $3.5 billion stake in Uber in June, while state-controlled Saudi Telecom Co (STC) invested $100 million in Careem in December.

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