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Colgate-Palmolive collaborates with TikTok for its new campaign, find out here!

Colgate-Palmolive has revamped its digital marketing strategy and collaborated with TikTok to experiment with a new campaign.

The marketing director of integrated marketing communications at Colgate-Palmolive tells The Drum on the sidelines of Vidcon Asia Pacific the oral care giant also experimented with TikTok to offer the brand’s points of view on a particular moment in time, which in this case, was on World Smile Day.

According to the drum, the FMCG brand launched a hashtag challenge called “Smile Challenge” that covered India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines over six days. Colgate introduced a customized smile sticker that can detect and virtually score the TikTok user’s smile.

This started a spur, A hundred TikTok content creators in the five countries were also invited to film and upload videos for the challenge, encouraging users to upload their own versions on TikTok.

The Drum reported that the social media application claimed the “Smile Challenge” campaign produced 1.6m user-generated videos, 2.5bn total video views. For the music, it said there were 53,000 videos generated by users and 26m video views in total.

The company also believes marketing to millennials and Gen Z needs to avoid sales messages because they are an audience not looking to be sold to but looking for a brand that aligns with their personal values, which subsequently will always result in increased sales.

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