Coke launches "Selfie bottles" for the selfie freaks!
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Coke launches “Selfie bottles” for the selfie freaks!

Selfie Stick had become a fad for the selfie-freaks around the world. Those who were addicted to snapping the pictures were delighted to have it. Taking this selfie fad to one step further, Coca Cola has launched ‘Selfie Bottles’.

For the beverage lovers in the certain parts of the world, this commodity is soon going to be up for fun. To those who are wondering how are they going to snap a picture with it, the base of the bottle has been embedded with a camera which is pre-programmed to take pictures when the bottle is twisted to about 70 degrees.

Coke launches "Selfie bottles" for the selfie freaks!

What’s more interesting about this new product is that the snaps would be shared on your preferred social media pages too.

The bottle has been designed by Gefen Team which is an Israel based innovation agency for Coca-Cola’s Summer Love campaign.

Details on the availability and pricing of the bottle haven’t been revealed yet.

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