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Coca-Cola Thailand sends a deep message through its campaign.

We have become so involved with our work, education and a social life that we don’t spend quality time with each other. Coca-Cola Thailand has launched a campaign in Thailand to encourage millennials to sit down with their friends and family during mealtimes.

The campaign, called “Taste the Feeling” and created by Ogilvy, aims to invite and inspire Thais to grab a Coke and turn their meals into meaningful moments shared with their friends and family.

Coca-Cola will also organize a food event to allow people to experience for themselves how Coke can bring them closer.

The marketing director for Thailand, Munthana Lorgrailers stated that.“The ‘Turn Food into a Meal’ campaign reflects Coca-Cola’s consumer-centric strategy, which puts the consumer at the heart of everything we do and leverages our powerful consumer insights and genuine understanding of the value of Thai culture with food at its center.”

She further added, “Food has long been embedded in Thai culture and is an important part of every generation’s life. ‘Coke’ sees beyond eating: we want to play a role in those cherished moments when people share a meal, no matter for how short a time, making it a time of celebration with refreshing ‘Coke’ while savoring the special bonds between those around the table.”

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