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Coca Cola Has Taken The Green Initiative By Teaming Up With Diesel.

Given the global warming conditions around the world, marketers have focused on marketing the brand or company through addressing climate change. This has been vital for brands to add goodwill and create awareness among the people.

Known clothing brand Diesel has teamed up with Coca-Cola to create a unique limited collection of clothing incorporating recycled materials.

The recycled articles consist of 12 items that use materials such as recycled PET derived from plastic bottles and recycled cotton. All items carry the logo of both Coke and Diesel branding.

The highlight of the unique campaign Is perhaps the most interactive and innovative aspect is how consumers can get access to the line; they scan the recycle logo on any recycle bin and it will be redirected to the website where they can find the limited edition collection. This has completely digitalized the way of selling with a little twist.

According to Adage, It was announced at a launch event at Galeries Lafayette in Paris last weekend, the collection will be promoted events that will take place around the world including the big cities like London, Berlin, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Amsterdam, and New York. After that, it will be officially released at selected Diesel stores worldwide and on from Oct. 7 and will be available for three months.

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