Chaos erupts at 'Burger Lab' outlets throughout Karachi
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Chaos erupts at ‘Burger Lab’ outlets throughout Karachi

All the foodies out there, it is time to attack Burger Lab outlets across Karachi. Because, food tsunami of the year is here and you definitely do not want to miss it. The chaos, the destruction and the utter craziness caused due to this “Offer of the Year” is without any doubt the most amusing discount one could ever wish for.

Let’s see what this rage is all about. Burger Lab, on downloading SimSim Pakistan app and availing the discount, is offering a Zinger Burger for just Rs. 55. The offer is up for grabs till 8pm.

Chaos erupts at 'Burger Lab' outlets throughout Karachi
SIMSIM Pakistan app screenshot

Owing to this massive discount and palatable opportunity, crazy Burger Lab lovers have already started to gather around the outlets of the food giant.

“And the traffic is increasing, for the love of Fire House Burger !” states the official page.

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest Burger Lab outlet and buy the most fierce burger of the year, but remember that SimSim Pakistan is a must to avail this chance.

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