My #CarKahaani changed my life!
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My #CarKahani changed my life!

Hi this is Uneeb.

I’m very grateful that total quartz has given me opportunity to share my #CarKahani with other car enthusiasts and the general public.

Today, I would like to share my #CarKahani with you. This is about the time I was in 10th Grade. Oh, by the way, it was the 2nd time I was repeating my 10th Grade. Why? Because I always wasted my time partying, hanging out with friends, my priorities never included studying or being responsible for my actions. Even though sometimes my decisions would back fire, yet I didn’t learn my lessons.

Be it school life or normal life, nothing ever really mattered for me until the day my dad caught me forging my results and that was when he gave me an ultimatum that If I want to live in his house then I’ll have to follow his rules and be a mature and successful boy or just live on my own with my hard earned money. How can a boy who failed the 10th Grade live on his own? So, I had no choice but to comply with his rules. But, I too was his son after all, so I told him I will follow his rules under one condition. For the longest time I had wanted a car, but because of my careless attitude my father never agreed. This was my opportunity to make my dream come true. I said I will follow everything you say and tell me to do, but I want a car. Initially he thought it was a bad idea, but me being a stubborn person, I was adamant. After facing all the rejections and every struggle possible for 2 months I finally got a job, not in a multinational company, but I knew it was just a start and that was the time I had to prove myself at any cost. I poured all my blood and sweat for 3 months and never gave up. The only thing that drove me was the passion to get my dream car.

My father saw that the passion I had for my car was changing me from an irresponsible boy to an ambitious man, and in the end it was this change that made him buy me the car, but I know now like I did then that my motivation came from the car… so this was my #CarKahani and whenever I think about it, it gives me an amazing feeling.

My #CarKahaani changed my life!

I would encourage other car enthusiast to share their #CarKahani with Total Quartz and if your story is good enough, Total Quartz will be shooting a short film on it. So what are you waiting for? Submit your #CarKahani here.

Not just this, you can also get a chance to have your dream ride with none other than Atif Aslam – A definite #CarKahani you won’t wanna miss.

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