#BeBoldForChange - Careem to empower 100,000 women
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#BeBoldForChange – Careem to empower 100,000 women

We all celebrated International Women’s Day just a day ago, with different companies and brands introducing new campaigns and promoting different strategies to standout among the others. In one such quest, Careem’s #BeBoldForChange stole all the limelight.

Careem aimed to empower 100,000 women by launching a unique initiative. The ride-hailing service is taking a new step along with the industry giants to facilitate women to start their own business with Careem. In order to incorporate women work force, Careem has announced an open nomination call for all the ladies out there. So if you want to nominate any woman, please fill this Careem Form.

#BeBoldForChange - Careem to empower 100,000 women

To announce its unique service in style and to aware people of what’s ahead, Careem also sent a message to all of its users by the name of a fictitious character “Ms. Neha Mazhar”.

#BeBoldForChange - Careem to empower 100,000 women

CEO Careem Junaid Iqbal also shared the screenshot of the message sent to all as an into to its partner’s program initiative.

Careem’s unique step to empower women is a great initiative to bring about a great change in this society.

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