The new Apple watch series 2 is out!
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Here are the things you need to know before buying Apple watch series 2

Apple Watch series 2 is out this Friday. But, before you plan on buying this watch you must know its latest news, specs and new features. It has a built-in GPS and a super bright screen that actually means you can see it in sunlight. It’s also much faster than the original Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 2 is designed for all the ways you move. The Apple Watch Series 2 has a new display that Apple claims is twice as bright as the former model.

You can now shower with the Apple Watch series 2

Apple Watch series 2 is water- resistant upto 50 meters, which means you can shower or swim while wearing it. But note that you must keep it away from salt water and soap.

“Apple Watch has changed what people expect from a watch,” said CEO Tim Cook after launching the new device, he also claimed that “Apple is now the second best-selling watch brand in the world after Rolex.”



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