#BelieveInYou - This brand radiates confidence in simply being "You" with Mahira's struggle
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#BelieveInYou – This collection radiates confidence in simply being “You” with Mahira’s struggle

Alkaram has recently presented its latest #BelieveInYou TVC for Spring Volume 1 with Mahira Khan and it has definitely become a standout among the other apparel related brands’ TVCs and promotional campaigns out there. Because defining one’s journey and the struggle in truest form in the shape of Mahira Khan is what we, as viewers, adored the most.

Mahira Khan has become the face of Pakistani entertainment industry and people think that life has become a bed of roses of her, however very few stood to the struggle that she had to go through to reach the level where she is today. And this is what Al-Karam has radiated through bravery, perseverance, resilience and courage of Mahira Khan that the persona of confidence is what has made her reach the epitome of success.

From inception to the end, the creative juices flow out of the advertisement at all the possible levels. From cinematography, production, story line to the final execution; Al-Karam has made this TVC a true spotlight for the people seeking inspiration out there.

The TVC highlights the spirit that the brand stands on. With its unique design aesthetics and aspirations, Al-Karam has always believed in endorsing the true spirit of achievement and this is what makes it an ultimate, world-class brand.

Apart from the strong concept and story line, the new design sneak peek into the Al-Karam’s collection has us all already hooked up. Undoubtedly, you will step into the world of luxury and premium quality fabrics with this one. All in all, it is good to see a class apart clothing brand finally making a commercial that has us all hooked up till the end, wanting us to watch and keep re-watching it.

#BelieveInYou because you have the power to change your destiny just with your confidence and steadfastness and a little bit of latest, high-end style.

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