This brand brings out the best of Pakistan with Mahira Khan
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This brand brings out the best of Pakistan with Mahira Khan

Pakistan is one of those countries which do not need excessive embellishments and superfluous adornments to bring out the best in it. There are a very few brands which encourage the beauty of this scenic country and depict the paradise that we live in. Paying homage to the colourful tradition and rich ethnic heritage of this country, Gai Power Wash refurbishes the picturesque journey of Pakistan with the importance to look on-point and appealing.

Mahira Khan in her all beautiful and elegant galore becomes the ambassador of Gai Power Wash. With her extremely charming persona, Mahira revives the importance and identity of clothes with relevance to different customs and traditions around the country. There is no doubt that the clothes we wear mark an important impression of our personality on the people we meet in our day to day lives.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s vocals paired with the dresses by Sania Maskatiya, Ali Xeeshan and Nomi Ansari sprinkles life to the advertisement. Gai Power Wash has definitely elevated its branding and marketing game with the commercial to watch out for. There is no qualm that; from direction and production to execution, Gai Detergent has definitely left the maestros of advertising industry behind with its tactic to fascinate the consumers through a fitting commercial.

In a nutshell, Gai Power Wash’s advertisement has become a game changer in the washing powder genre with its advert that starts a new era for this category in media marketing. We can finally hope that with this advert, we will be able to leave flashy jingles and gaudy advertisements far behind. A good execution by creative geniuses indeed!

Here is the full TVC:

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