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Bisconni craving is taking us down a sweet memory lane

Our most happy and festive occasion of the year, Eid is just a few days away and we are all super excited to wear our gorgeous new clothes, meet our cousins, have some amazing food and enjoy a good time with family on this celebratory occasion. It is the time of year when we get a good number of holidays and everybody unites after a long time.

There are many other such events, places, people, or aromas, that we have associated a whole lot of memories with, and that initiate a rush of flashbacks for us.

Bisconni Craving, considering the importance of all the sweet memories we link to all our relationships and experiences, has released three extremely emotive television commercials of their three variants: peanuts, zeera and coconut.

The Bisconni Craving Coconut TVC would make you smile!

The concept behind Bisconni Craving’s ‘Mehekti Yaadonka Maza’ is the affect that strong aromas have on us when they fill up our senses and make us yearn for more. Certain things in life, like a particular song, the whiff of a perfume, or the aroma arising from a particular food dish immediately trigger old memories associated with them. Bisconni Craving has tried to target those special memories in their latest TVCs, to communicate the feelings we all share when we take a sweet walk down memory lane.

Bisconni Craving Zeera might just take you to an entirely different time zone!

The TVCs of the new variants base themselves on an emotional appeal. The music and the song in the background immediately remind you of the past, making you nostalgic for a time long gone.

Coconut, Zeera and Peanuts – these flavors have their own taste and memories from our childhood. From a flashback of your grandmother roasting some aromatic zeera seeds in the kitchen, or a travel trip to a beach destination where you overdosed on slices of coconut with your friends –some special moments can never be forgotten. Bisconni Craving has done a great job in recreating those moments in quite a sentimental way and the goosebumps these ads have left behind are proof of how well-executed the concept is.

Chai that is never complete without some peanut biscuits!

Have you watched the TVCs yet? Let us know your views! Until then, enjoy some sweet cookies.

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