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So Bike Riders Are Not Allowed in Cafe Flo! Excuse me?

Recently a post on Facebook got viral where a person named, Waqar Siddiqui shared his experience when he visited the so called “Elite” Cafe Flo today. He was not allowed to enter the cafe, not because he was poor or didn’t have money but only because he came on bike. Yeah this is exactly what he wrote.


People on the other hand started sharing and commenting, showing their full support. But its just his side of the story.


We tried to contact the manager of Cafe Flo to get the updates regarding this issue. But there’s no response from their side. If this really happened then clearly Cafe flo needs to learn how to talk to a customer. This is not the way to treat your customers. They should rather concentrate on the food and environment they provide not with the type of customers they are catering.

Well we are currently contacting the management and as soon as we get their side of the story we will update.

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