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All of us have this habit of leaving the tap on while brushing our teeth. We don’t realize the amount of water we waste within those two minutes. Colgate recently took this initiative where they highlighted the struggle that people go through to collect the same amount of water that we carelessly waste, when we leave the tap open while brushing.

They came up with this powerful message through the TVC and print ad.

In this TVC we could see a woman busy brushing her teeth while the tap is on which is seen on the top half of the screen and on the other half of the screen we see a small girl walking around the barren land in search of water. After watching this video I’m sure all of us will realize our mistake and will be careful next time while brushing.

The campaign also included Print Ads which are portraying a powerful message. See for yourself.

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Did you know that we can save up to 8 gallons of water each day, simply by promising to turn off the tap when you brush your teeth.  Shocked, no? Let’s promise today that we will never leave the tap on while brushing and will save as much water as we can because every drop counts. Together let’s make every drop of water count. We can have a big impact simply by making these small changes.

In partnership with the Marriott Hotel, Colgate prepared some actions to alert guests when using water. Here is a small video:

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