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BCW Gold: I Was There, Were You?

The night of Friday, 6th of May 2016, ran excitement through my veins but I was a bit bothered, BCW Gold; is it really worth the hype? Will it be something I would want to sit for 3 nights consecutively and to add 2 shows each day. On entering the venue I saw no chaos or traffic jam whatsoever; the valets were more than helping to guide us through the way. A little walk to the entrance made me question myself again on attending the show but oh well, I was already there. I had no trouble entering, the red carpet which was by the way no ordinary red carpet but a whole lounge where everyone could mingle with each other.

The show was delayed all three days though but all the invites received, were properly tagged and HUMPR made sure that everyone got a seat. I heard no complain from anyone in terms of the seating manner.

My colleagues and I were escorted to our seats by Mr. Minhas of HUMPR, who did not leave until we were seated comfortably. A true gentleman I tell you. I was surprised to see all ushers in good coordination with each other despite the fact that they were all mere volunteers.  Once the show started we were all asked to rise for the national anthem shortly after which the show commenced, all designers showcasing, set the ramp on fire with an exceptionally glamorous and on-point collection, each had a spark of its own. I kid you not I sat for both shows on all three days without getting bored.

Through out the event I noticed that everyone was genuinely happy with the management and coordination. I never caught a glimpse of Mr. Nassar sitting or standing still for that matter, not even for a minute. His face reflected true dedication and enthusiasm for the event, this expression of devotion was no doubt seen on every one of the HUM Network team members faces.

Well, with a heavy heart I put forth the statement that I am really sad it’s over. Yes! You read it right. I’m sad it’s over. In the end I would like to thank Mr. Minhas, Mr. Nassar furthermore Mr. Hammad for inviting me and my team to this spectacular event. We enjoyed our time there throughout. HUM Network, if observed closely is like a huge family where every member tries their very best to protect and assist one another on all possible levels. Now I understand the literal meaning of “Work Hard In Silence, Let The Success Make The Noise.”

To conclude, I have written what I have experienced and felt about the event. Just a personal opinion and I am sure many of you may oppose it.

P.S: Thank you Mr. Hammad for biding me farewell on all three days and asking me whether I’d be coming the next day ANDDD My personal favourites were MNR, Rang Ja, Erum Khan, I am definitely opting you guys for my wedding.

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