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Are brands capitalizing from the current situation, creating a better goodwill.

Brands have always taped on any opportunity to make it more visible and credible. Although brand building is important but the social responsibility has created a bigger purpose for the brand to matter in the society.

The current crisis has brought a tough time on most of the world economies of the world, but how do brands make a difference at this time, where the campaigns and planned launches are halted.

Another example of a brand buying ads based on the weather is Taco Bell, who will run mobile ads on the very popular smartphone app from The Weather Channel.

However, they will only run the ads when the temperature is above 48 degrees with the thought being that’s the time when people are more likely to venture out for burritos and chalupas, this according to Eric Perko, associate media director at Digitas, Taco Bell’s digital agency as told to Ad Week.


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