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Apple sued for lying over iPhone X screen size

A lawsuit filed in a US court has accused Apple of making false claims about the screen sizes and pixel counts of the displays in its iPhone X series, CNET reported.

The suit alleges that Apple lied about the screen sizes by counting non-screen areas like the notches and corners. So the new line of iPhones isn’t “all screen” as marketed, according to the 55-page complaint. For example, iPhone X’s screen size is supposed to be 5.8 inches, but the plaintiffs measured that it’s “only about 5.6875 inches.”

Because of the rounded corners and notch the complainants also allege that the iPhone X series phones have lower screen resolution than advertised, the CNET report said on Saturday. Real resolution of the device is 2195 x 1125, which is about 10% less than Apple says it is

Moreover, this is not the first time Apple has been sued over its products. Earlier this year in March, dozens of customers filed 59 separate lawsuits over software tweak that throttles some older iPhones.

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