Apple signs $4.3 billion deal with Samsung
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Apple signs $4.3 billion deal with Samsung

Samsung has once again joined hands with Apple to supply OLED panels for its upcoming iPhone. The finalized deal involves the Samsung Display subsidiary of the Korean giant, which is worth $4.3 billion, with the company providing 60 million panels to Cupertino.

The deal will follow the previous deal which would be providing Apple with 100 Million OLED panels. As the tech company was claimed of manufacturing its high-end model of iPhone 8, the current volume depicts both models of being launched with a new hardware.

However, the display size is still to be decided as rumours have indicated of three different options, with the high-end iPhone 8 model getting the OLED treatment. They further indicate an edge-to-edge display that will be quite a big step over the current, aging design philosophy. Until the final decision of the display curves, we wish too much at this point.

As the world’s leading high tech brand, Samsung is known for its models when it comes to OLED technology, making about 95 per cent of the panel’s production worldwide.

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