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Apple announced release of new iPad Pro with camera that can scan 3-D objects!

Apple announced a new iPad Pro and MacBook Air on Wednesday. The product launches came through a press release instead of Apple’s typical spring in-person event as companies work to increase social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Apple Stores around the world are closed until March 27, and are closed indefinitely in the U.S. but recently reopened in China. That means most customers who are interested in the products, at least for now, may not be able to try them before making a purchase, CNBC reported.

The new iPads feature a lidar scanner in the camera system that can be used to measure the distance to objects in a room. Apple says this will allow for “a whole new class” of augmented reality experiences on the iPad.

According to CNBC, there are also additional cameras, including a wide-angle lens that captures video in 4K and an ultra-wide-angle lens with zoom that lets you fit more people and objects into a picture. These features are also on Apple’s iPhone 11 models.

The new iPad has been rumored for months, but there have been recent questions about whether or not Apple would be able to launch it in the spring after suffering production slowdowns in China due to the coronavirus.

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