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Android 11 removes the 4GB limit on video recording

Android 11 is bringing a lot of improvements to the table for Google’s mobile OS. One of these improvements is the ability to record larger videos thanks to a bigger file size limit.

Right now, it only takes 15 minutes to reach the 4GB limit when recording a 4K 30FPS clip. After that, the video is split into different files at regular intervals. A fix for this was promised a while back and now it is finally arriving with Android 11.

Android Police has discovered that the Android 11 Beta 1 does not have this limitation anymore. Most camera apps were not able to support this but it finally worked with Open Camera by Mark Harman. It is a well known and free app that was able to record a single video file beyond 4GB in Android 11.

There are likely more apps that are capable of this but none have been discovered so far.

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