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Ali Jehangir Siddiqui bags an appointment by the PM Imran Khan as the Ambassador at large for Foreign Investment

Prime Minister Imran Khan has appointed Ali Jehangir Siddiqui as an honorary ambassador for foreign investment, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs notification said on Friday.

“The prime minister has been pleased to approve the appointment of Ali Jehangir Siddiqui as Ambassador-at-Large for Foreign Investment in an honorary capacity with effect from June 13, 2019.”

Ali J. Siddiqui has served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the US until 2018, standing head on head with leading diplomats and key office holders. He proved his position as a diplomat by claiming his duties and responsibilities with honor. This led him to the great achievement of receiving the Guard of Honor on behalf of Pakistan.

Ali is a graduate from Cornell University, USA, holding a BA Degree in Economics. He was also honored by the World Economic Forum in 2014 as a Young Global Leader. Mr. Siddiqui held high-level roles at several Pakistan-based companies before founding JS Bank, Pakistan’s fastest growing bank.

He has held Board directorships and executive roles at a number of leading philanthropic organizations, and was also the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2017, before becoming Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States in 2018.

Siddiqui has also lectured at various universities, including the College of William and Mary in Virginia, National School of Public Policy in Lahore, National Defence University in Islamabad, Entrepreneurship and Management Excellence Center at Institute of Business Management in Karachi and School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC.

In 2017 Mr. Siddiqui was appointed as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister with the status of Minister of State during the reign of PMLN. Until he took up this role, Ali was the CEO of the Mahvash and Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation (MJSF), providing grants to the education, humanitarian relief, healthcare and social enterprise sectors in Pakistan.

Recently, Mr. Ali J. Siddiqui joined the Board of Afiniti – the world’s largest artificial intelligence startup that is valued over a billion dollars, alongside former British Prime Minister David Cameroon and ex-US Vice Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Admiral William Owen.

Pakistan is juggling with its economy and at a place where foreign investments can play a vital role in its economic stability hence this step taken by the PTI government is indeed a much needed decision. We hope to see a positive change in the development of Pakistan’s economy with this appointment made by the Prime Minister himself. Seeing the government work on merit, we definitely foresee a Naya Pakistan already!

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