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Adidas in China reported major loss due to Coronavirus!

German sportswear firm Adidas warned business activity in China has fallen dramatically in recent weeks, citing a material negative impact from the coronavirus outbreak.

It comes at a time when many in the sporting goods industry are deeply concerned about the potential economic impact of China’s fast-spreading virus.

The world’s second-largest economy is a key sourcing hub for the industry, with many sneakers produced in China and other Asian countries.

The outbreak has prompted Adidas, which attributes roughly one-third of its sales to Asia, to close a “significant” number of stores in China.

According to Campaign, since Lunar New Year on Jan. 25, the company said Wednesday that a “pronounced traffic reduction within the remaining store fleet” had seen business activity tumble roughly 85% when compared to the same period a year earlier.

Adidas said it had also seen some traffic declines in other markets, predominantly Japan and South Korea, but it had not yet observed any major business impact outside mainland China.

Adidas has said it will provide more details about the financial impact of the coronavirus when it releases full-year results on March 11.

Earlier this month, Adidas had warned investors it was currently experiencing a negative impact on its operations in China. It has since reaffirmed its position that it is “too early” to assess the magnitude of the financial impact of the outbreak, Campaign reported.

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