This accidentally manufactured battery can work up to "400" years
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This accidentally manufactured battery can work up to “400” years

It may seem bizarre to even term it as an accident, but scientists at University of California have developed a new revolutionary battery out of a mere ‘accident’. This battery can last up to whopping 400 years, and if it is really an accident we want such accidents to happen every day!

What these scientists were trying to do was to actually design nanowires that can be used in rechargeable batteries, however, they ended up with a new battery that is astonishing in characteristics.

Mya Le Thai, a PhD student and a member of the team, was actually working of gold nanowires. She was researching the properties of aforementioned nanowires rooted in an electrolyte gel. What they made out of the newly designed nanowires is that the novel found battery can sustain up to 200,000 recharge cycles over the course of 3 months with no drop in performance. A regular laptop battery lasts for 300 – 500 recharge cycles typically.

The researchers and the scientists involved are not sure that what the reason behind this sudden bizarre transformation was.

For now, we can safely assume that this battery might not be hitting the markets anytime soon due to the extreme cost and the unsure procedure it involved. However, if it comes to the market, the life of extensive gadget users’ would become easier than ever.

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