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ABN AMRO campaign highlights the recycled tennis ball shoes to eradicate waste!

ABN AMRO, latest campaign Game Changers’ is one of a kind. In order to eliminate waste, they created a vision to be ecofriendly. Their agency won the ‘Best Sponsorship Activation’ at The Drum Experience award.

It was reported that for over 46 years ABN AMRO has been the proud sponsor of The ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament. At the tournament’s core is the limitless passion of all those involved: the international talent, the ball boys and girls, and the organization that makes this tournament a success every year.

According to The Drum, they discovered that 300 million tennis balls are produced every year, almost nothing of which is recycled.

They also found out that it is nearly impossible to recycle tennis balls. So hard, in fact, that it hadn’t really been done very successfully before. So, it was time to ‘Change the Game’. Make the impossible possible.

As a bank that firmly believes in the circular economy, ABN AMRO is constantly trying to accelerate the sustainability shift. We created a concept that highlights the following three pillars during the tournament: Tennis, Limitless Passion, and Sustainability & Circularity.

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