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6 Types of Fascinating People We Came Across in ‘Brite Sab Right Kardega’

How many of you have come across Brite’s latest commercial? Seems like the brand is completely taking a new turn with their latest communication strategy and we are kind of impressed! It’s not just a fresh new concept when it comes to laundry detergent marketing, but ‘Brite Sab Right Kardega’ also uses humor and happy sentiments to appeal to the audiences.

Quite fascinated by the different kinds of people we came across in the ad, here are 6 for you to see if you can find their kind around you!

1. The Confused Victim – ‘Yaar, ye kaun hai jo sub right kardega?’

The one person for whom everything seems to be going wrong: the end of a bad day with a coffee stain on his crisp white shirt, anticipating embarrassment and laughs. But what he actually gets are smiles and reassurances, even to his surprise.

2. The Apologetic Lady in Yellow Itna gehra daagh?’

First you spill coffee on the poor guy and you apologize for it. But then you go ahead and rub it in his face that the coffee stain might be there to stay? You might be bright as sunshine, but you’ve got a mean streak! L

3. The Optimistic Aunty – Woh suuuuuuuub right kardega!’

You know that moment you’ve JUST tripped up and you sort of blank out for a second, not knowing what to do, and someone super sweet comes to help? The lady at the beginning of the ad seems to be exactly that – with a bright smile on her face and waving a little aerial tick-mark letting the poor confused soul that it’ll be alright.

4. The Happy Chef – ‘Boss, woh mood ko delight kardega!’

Did anyone else feel a little Italian vibe with this happy guy? The cheerful smile kind of makes you want to go buy a pizza from his restaurant to fix your messed up mood and forget about the coffee stain on your shirt because…now you’ve been told there’s something there that’ll make it alright.