6 Google products and services you never even knew existed!
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6 Google products and services you never even knew existed!

Google – The most used search engine throughout the world has become the hub of all activities and happenings globally. There is no hiding that it has overtaken the world virtually and has dimmed the significance of physical, real life findings. However, there is a lot more to Google than you actually think.

As mentioned in the video, there are six amazing Google services and products you had no idea till now. These are:

Google Arts And Culture:

This service gives you the liberty to take a complete peek into the world of arts, contradictory culture and legendary museums from around the world.

Google Express:

This is your handy Google delivery service that lets you order for free from select partnered stores.

Google Sky:

This feature lets you discover the world of astrology and astronomy in depth and detail. With the help of universe surveys and tours available around the world, it shows you some of the bedazzled facts and images you never had the idea about before.


An app for iPhone that lets the users add Google search functionality into their keyboards.

Google Ngram Viewer:

This unique service lets you compare how different words and phrases have have been used in books from 1500-2008.

Google One Today:

This is Google’s idea to give back to the society by providing an easy chance to donate to the Non-profit organizations of your choice.

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