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New iPad pro-Reasons not to upgrade

Any time new gadgets come out like iPad Pro, it is exciting. But step back and analyze what others have to say about this new gadget by Apple.

Price Creep

The iPad Pro starts at $799 (£769, AU$1,229) for the base configuration. If you want to use an iPad Pro more like a traditional laptop, enjoy shelling out up to $199 for the new Smart Keyboard Folio. (There’s a smaller, $179 model of the keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro.) If you want more storage than the base 64GB, you’ll pay.

Accessories Divided

Did you buy into the dream of a pro-level iPad in the past and get a keyboard and Pencil? I’ve got bad news. The Smart Connector placement has changed, meaning you’ll need to replace your old Smart Connector-compatible keyboard for the latest smart folio, if you want to touch type on your new iPad Pro.

The older Pencil accessory is also not compatible with the new iPad Pro. According to Apple, the original Pencil works only with the older Apple iPad Pro models. What’s more is the new, magnetic Apple Pencil is compatible only with the redesigned iPad Pros

No headphone jack, no Lightning port, no OIS 

For reasons unknown, Apple jettisoned its exclusive Lightning port from the new, more intense iPad Pros. On the off chance that you’ve put resources into Lightning connectors or Lightning links to charge your past iPad, nor are specifically usable. USB-C is presently the, er, Apple’s indisputable favorite. Later on, USB-C will be all that is left; however, it’s as yet the present.

Shouldn’t something be said about the earphone jack? Mac invested a lot of energy at the new iPad Pro’s acquaintance attempting with haze the line between its tablet and more conventional PCs. That is by all accounts an odd decision seeing as how Apple has kept the earphone jack on its Mac line of workstations. On the off chance that you need to unobtrusively alter your innovative magnum opuses on the new iPad Pro, appreciate getting a dongle (you’ll require the new USB-C to 3.5mm one since your iPhone’s Lightning to 3.5mm won’t work here). Or then again utilize a couple of remote Bluetooth earphones – Apple will readily offer you’re a couple beginning at $120.

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