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Apple’s new IOS version is out now and here’s everything you need to know!!

Apple released its biggest software update IOS 13, which is going to bring alot of new changes and will add new feature to the phone.

It will not change the whole look of the phone, but will bring minimum updates. New features that continue to build on what you’re already familiar with. There’s dark mode, for example, which you can turn on or off or schedule to turn on automatically at night, now your eyes can relax at night with this new mode. It also just looks cooler than the bright theme you might be used to.

The major change is in the Photo app, it really brings a lot of your camera roll of pictures to life. Live photos and videos animate in a new “Days” tab, for example, but you can also now easily sort by month or year to quickly find life highlights. Videos or panoramas, or subjects Apple thinks are important, will pop up as larger thumbnails  Most important part Portrait pictures, the ones that let you blur the background to make it look like it was taken by a professional photographer, now let you adjust the amount of blur in the background, which is perfect if you think and a added bonus for photographers.

Apart from software update, they also launched Apple Arcade, the company’s $5/month premium game service that gives you unlimited access to a large options of exclusive games, iOS 13 also supports Bluetooth Xbox One and PS4 controllers. You can now easily play games from App Store on  iPhone with an Xbox One controller.

Focusing on the privacy updates, now Apple will also warn you when an app is using your location or Bluetooth, how often it’s doing so, and if you want to continue granting that app access. Companies like Facebook are already fighting back and facing a though time.

Map has been updated with 3D experience  and there’s a lot more in iOS 13, like the ability to let Siri read text messages to your AirPods, new Memoji, a built-in swipe keyboard and more.

iOS 13 works with all phones newer except the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE as well as 7th generation iPod touch. iPads are also getting an update with lots of these new features. If you own older versions apple is making sure you buy newer models of phones.

If you own Xs or X go and check this update yourself.

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