World’s first software for detection of Urdu grammatical errors to be launched soon

The first-ever Urdu software ‘Harf Kaar’ with an advanced programme of detecting and correcting grammatical errors and anomalies in Urdu diction and proof will be launched in the first week of August.

This software is the result of joint efforts by a noted poet and writer, Akhtar Raza Saleemi and eminent software programmer Saeed Raza Khan.

“The 95pc of the software program has been completed and the rest will be completed within few days. The software will be formally launched by the first week of August in a ceremony,” said Akhtar Raza Saleemi.

The software has been designed considering the global digital needs of Urdu writers and poets and this program will auto-correct all the errors in Urdu diction, proof, and expression at one click, Raza added.

“The software will point out, correct Urdu diction and proof errors as well as pave the way for uniform, error-free, and up-to-date Urdu expressions. We have carried out so far, 500 successful trials of this software,” said Akhtar Raza.

It took his team more than a year to design and prepare this software and in its preparation; almost all the major old and new dictionaries, books reference and research work on Urdu have been consulted.

Regarding correction in Urdu diction, the designers and researchers team has taken guidance from National Language Promotion Department (NLPD) seminar held in 1985 on Urdu diction, grammar, and all its related fields and the recommendations of Committee on Urdu constituted in India in 1973-74.

Saleemi said his team enthusiastically worked day and night for producing authentic and quality modern software of Urdu and hoped `Harf Kaarí will be consulted, used and downloaded by all those who wanted to compose essays, poems, articles or stories etc incorrect, error-free Urdu.

Software programmer, Saeed Raza said the program has been prepared in ìdot netî and no third party tool has been used in it. The software is in one portable form and there is no need to even install it.

“Harf Kaar is quite small in size and can be run on any computer. Urdu Diction is spread in such a huge form that the software programme will be quite helpful in resolving issues of diction, proof errors etc,” said Raza Saeed.

Saleemi was of the view that besides literary and other forms of Urdu genre, academically too the software is of utmost importance.

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