Williams Besse – Sales Director South East Asia, India & Middle East at Frederique Constant Geneve

“Frederique Constant offers not onlyexceptional timepieces of high quality, but also makes them accessible towatch lovers. Live your passion!”

BM:Tell us a bit about yourself?
Basically I started off with attaining education at a business school, after which that my mind scripted my soul with knowledge that led me to finding my own way. For me, I was lucky to find my purpose earlier and proceeded on the way; I always wanted to live abroad after completing my education in France and so got a great job opportunity in Switzerland. Beginning my career at Frederique Constant, it’s been 7 years now that I have been associated to this reputable organization. I have always believed in myself, if one can do it and I can do it as well. I am very lucky for the work I am doing today because I always wanted to travel and meet people across the globe and with Frederique Constant I have been able to do just that and much more.

BM: Your first job was in a travelling retail company rather than luxury watches. Where did your love of watches start?
I always had a thing for watches and my love for the entity grew since the day I stepped in to the field with Frederique Constant, however people are putting so much work to make the product unique and alive, we have therefore expanded our project up to 2000 regions with high market sales every month around the world. Hence, the brand is successfully growing. There’s a street in Geneva which is only dedicated to watches and you feel like you are walking in paradise. The curiosity of everything new can kill something similarly I take great passion in my work.

BM: Frederique Constant is known for its delicate and detailed design, what was the concept and story behind the invention of the Perpetual Calendar?
What makes the Perpetual Calendar unique is firstly its price, because it’s more affordable with respect to the top notch manufactured watches we have. We greatly emphasized on the development process of the watch, working deeply on its movement and design and came out with the initial piece within a short span of time, flying back to chronograph that took up to 6 years in manufacturing to make it a product for the equip lifestyle. One of the most prestigious movements you find in the industry is the feature of actually being able to sell the unique and luxurious product at a final amount of just 8000/- Swiss Franc. We have designed the movement in which you can set the features yourself.

BM: Do you think brand ambassadors play a vital role in making the brand in reaching its target market?
When you talk about brand ambassadors and celebrity endorsements, it depends on markets which are more focused on brand endorsements. However, internationally it helps which is the reason why we decided to work with top-notch celebrities representing the brands around 2 years ago.  However, we are selling 60% watches for men and 40% for women, maintaining a ratio that is more or less equal.

BM: Working with such a heavy brand name, how do you balance your personal and professional life?
It’s not easy to maintain and balance a personal life with such a career, and many people fail to do so as well, however the key is to be a happy person. And what better than to have a life full of travel and tours, because every time you travel you have to make the best out of it. Like at the moment, I am very excited to be in Pakistan and making the most of my time here; I balance my work with my family, relating the work position I hold as leading the sales department in the Middle-East, Indian Subsidiary and South-East Asia is not an easy responsibility. However, after many years, you simply find your own way to manage it.

BM: What is the USP of your brand?
It took us 6 years of development even though we knew that the chronograph won’t be the highest price product for many brands as it’s one of the most complicated movements to produce, but we made a new innovation on that movement which reduces the number of the component by 20%. Fully conceived, developed, produced, assembled, adjusted and encased in our workshops in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland, the manufacturing process requires extensive work –mostly done by hand. Thus, when you have fewer components, you will then have a less frictionless price which will also increase the quality and you will get more accuracy of the watch. We make such products that when people use them, they enjoy the luxury ‘Swiss Made’ environment, design, and manufacturing.

BM: How do you maintain your rank in the Swiss market among your competitors?
Each market has a different story, with different complexity, and our strategy towards maintaining our hold onto it is different as we have made different products according to the people we cater, which depend on their age, fashion and lifestyle. However, your brands start with beneficial marketing in the country depending on the good network that is related to your retailer, so you have to make sure that your retailer has a good approach towards the consumers. That’s why we travel to the different markets and plan our strategy accordingly, and I am very much satisfied with LifeStyle Collection as our authorized retailers because the way they maintain our name in the market, we are sure that there’s continuity.

BM: What is the next big thing we will witness by Frederique Constant?
We made our first product in 2005, where last year we launched the famous Perpetual Calendar; this time around we have introduced the Chronological Smart-Watch for ladies. So, basically, you can now easily buy a Swiss made watch connected with every style and further profound with elegance. On top of that, we introduced our new in-house caliber that we made within a total of 25 days, after decades of experience. We make such products that when people use them, they enjoy the luxury ‘Swiss Made’ manufacturing, design, and high quality luxury timepieces. Let all people enjoy Luxury is our main goal