WhatsApp groups has this new feature that will help brands and businesses

Another feature is launched for WhatsApp groups that will currently empower the admins to be the special case who can send messages to the group. This will be a kind of one-way communicate correspondence stream that the companies can effectively make use of.

Whatsapp influenced the declaration in a blog to post and expressed, “One way people use groups is to receive important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations.”

In the course of recent months, the well known informing administration has revealed various highlights including group portrayals, an element that is focused to the individuals who continue getting re-added to groups they endeavored to leave before.

Here is how you can begin utilizing this most up to date took off component:

  • Open up group info and tap on group settings
  • Send messages and select, “Only admins”

This device is like the component of Telegram, an application that was as of late banned in Russia. This isn’t the first run through Facebook has replicated or taken motivation from another application. Facebook-possessed Instagram and WhatsApp both duplicated highlights of Snapchat and began Stories include.

Thus, the most up to date highlight expects to crush piece of the pie of Telegram as Whatsapp is presently getting to be like Telegram now. This gives group admin greater control over the entire group and important information won’t simply get lost in other unimportant messages from group members.

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