Treat your employees with respect to increase productivity

When the chirpy morning birds wake me up with their melodious chirping and the sunlight hits my face like a ray of hope, I quickly jump out of the bed and get ready to head for work humming a song that I recently heard. Well do you know why? Because I love what I do! Loving your job is the first thing to keep you motivated and successful. When we talk about motivation and loving your workplace respect is the core ingredient. If you are bullied and insulted on daily basis obviously your productivity and the determination to work will fade away with time resulting in lower productivity. Hence the higher management should pay special attention towards employee respect and ways to keep them motivated.

When small-business owners and managers can do much to treat employees with respect and increase productivity. One consideration is getting to know what management style your employees prefer. Some employees may prefer closer supervision, while others desire more leeway and creativity in performing their jobs. Managers must also keep morale high, especially during economic downturns, when layoffs or firings may exert greater demands on the remaining workers. Companies must find the right combinations of management style, employee treatment and motivation to ensure the greatest levels of productivity.

As a supervisor, one of the ways you can convey respect to your employees is by listening to them and demonstrating that you value their ideas. When you establish an atmosphere in which your employees can talk openly, you foster their creativity and their willingness to contribute. You’ll also demonstrate your respect by equipping your employees to do their jobs, letting them know exactly what you expect from them and giving them frequent feedback.

If you ever feel demotivated talk to your Boss or the HR department, never compromise on your self-esteem, every employee deserved equal respect.