Three simple mistakes that are holding back your career goals

Can’t get the project you’d been wanting? Maybe you cant get that promotion that you’ve been waiting for? Here we are going to provide you with three simple mistakes that might be key factors in holding back your career.

Blabbering about your goal.

Research has shown that talking about your goal can detrimental to achieving them, mainly because we have the same sense of satisfaction when we talk about something as we might get from actually accomplishing the task.

Not writing down your goals.

Keeping your goals visible helps you make them a priority — some studies even say it can increase your likelihood of success by more than 40 percent. Unfortunately most CEOs and top leaders don’t usually do this simple step and don’t have a written set of personal and professional goals.

Waiting until tomorrow.

Jim Rohn and his law of diminishing intent finds that the longer we wait to take action, the less likely we’ll be to actually take it. Waiting can come in a number of forms. From procrastination to failing to fully plan to spending so much time planning it becomes a substitute for action. We suggest people set an ambitious goal that ensures the path ahead is not completely clear, but to get to work at this goal as quickly as possible. In this way, you’ll build momentum. If you sit and wait until the time is right, nothing happens.