This smartphone with 9 Cameras will blow your mind

We have all used DSLR cameras once in our life. If not then we have definitely taken numerous pictures from DSLR but non of the smartphone companies could come up with a phone that has the result of DSLR camera.

Light phones have recently showed concept & prototype material to the Washington post that featured smartphones that has around 5-9 Camera Lenses. Light is also confident of launching a phone with 9 lenses somewhere down the road.

As we all know that most Smartphones have a picture quality of up to 12MP, but this particular phone can take that quality to maximum 64MP, which is almost as good as some DSLR cameras.

Other features such as a good low-light performance and ‘Advanced Depth Effects’ will also be present in the phone but note that it is not expected to be cheap. The lenses will be needing a processor, screen and other phone-specific features which obviously will raise the price.

Other smartphone companies such as Samsung and iPhone have been rumored to come up with a three-set camera setup in the upcoming future, but for now Light surely has won that race.

If a company like Light can make this possible then we are confident that will surely be a revolution in phone camera technology.

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