Tech that is quietly reshaping the world for the better

I love watching science fiction movies. There’s just something about futuristic technology that makes me very excited and sometimes science catches up with this tech. We spend our days waiting for a certain piece of technology to arrive, only to discover that it’s already been created but no one told anyone about it. Now allow me to inform you about some technology that already exists without it being publicly known.

Bionic Eye.Related image

The company Second Sight has been working on the Argus II Retinal Prothesis System”, which essentially provides electrical stimulation of the retina to induce visual perception. In words everyone can understand it makes blind people see things.


Air Touch.Related image

Remember Tony Stark does that thing where he flicks his hand in the air and his computer knows it’s supposed to move the screen? Taiwanese company Industrial Technology Research Institute is working on that. Imagine that.


Food Pills.Image result for Food Pills.

Soylent, while mainly creating nutrition shakes, has gone and created complete nutrition in powdered form. Maybe don’t watch the Sci-Fi thriller Soylent Green it might discourage you from experiencing real Soylent products. Rather imagine the benefits that this could provide to the world.


Nanotechnology.Related image

While not being used to wage cyber-war, like it usually is in movies, it’s actually being used to help fight serious diseases like MSRA and HIV and it’s doing that in the initial stages of it’s full potential.