Suzuki Pakistan has now decided to discontinue Mehran VX officially

Suzuki Mehran has ruled the road of Pakistan for decades and it was loved by every Pakistani. And let’s admit we all have traveled in Mehran. The company has officially announced a discontinue Mehran VX officially.

As found in a notice issued to Suzuki dealerships in the country, the organization is just ending one of the variations, the Mehran VX which is the marginally low-end rendition with lesser highlights and a little smaller price tag.

This implies the VXR variation, that accompanies an aeration and cooling system and other little enhancements will keep on being delivered even in 2019.

The notice reads,

“Dear valued vendor(s), Management of PSMCL has decided to discontinue its Model SB308 only version VX(Mehran) from end November 2018. In view of above, it is important to note that all the respective local parts should be produced and supply according to schedules to be sent to you on monthly basis for remaining production plan of 6734 units to be produced from June 2018 to End November 2018.

To avoid surplus stock available at vendors ends after models discontinuation, all valued vendors are advised the following:

  1. The last order from the vendor for imported materials must be done in accordance to the stocks available at vendor’s premises in pipeline and stock at PSMC
  2. The vendors who are using local materials are also advised to strictly follow the firm orders of PSMC before the placement of last order for procurement of local materials”

Pak Suzuki still has a few units arranged for generation, and has chosen to totally end fabricating for the Mehran VX toward the finish of this current year. The company will likewise need to oversee surplus units, and deal with their parts productively to complete their last bunch without squandering any additional segments.

Mehran is a comprehensively outdated hatchback. Pakistan is the nation which still fabricates it in 2018. It got suspended globally back in the 90’s.

In any case, the organization isn’t stopping the VXR variation, and still needs to press out some additional very late deals. Pakistan’s auto division is going to get more assorted as various diverse organizations have confirmed entry into the auto showcase.

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