Snapchat now let’s you delete a sent message

Snapchat has reported another update, Clear Chats, that will enable users to delete their new messages sent to another user. Throughout the following couple of weeks, Snapchat will reveal the element comprehensively, empowering users to delete humiliating and mixed up messages.

At the point when a user needs to erase a message in a one-on-one string or a gathering talk, they can hold down the message to see a Delete button. When you tap it, Snapchat will withdraw the message, gave that your application is refreshed and you have a web association. With this component, you can delete any content, picture, video, sound, sticker or memory that you have sent to another user yet stays new. The beneficiary of the message will likewise be advised in the event that you erase something, much the same as Whatsapp.

Already, this component was first presented by Whatsapp which enabled users to delete their messages on bunch strings or one-on-one talks. The messages must be deleted for everybody inside seven minutes of being sent, however Whatsapp later expanded this time period. Strangely, a few users additionally found a hack to recuperate delete messages, recordings, and photographs on the well known informing stage.

This is by far a much needed update, everyone who is a frequent user of Snapchat will know that we all were waiting for this update. We have been sending wrong snaps and messages to our friends and then regret but now we can easily delete our sent messages.

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