Pakistani passport rated 4th worst in the world

A current report from the Henley Passport Index demonstrates that Pakistani passport is among the five most exceedingly terrible for universal voyaging. According to the list, Pakistan stands simply above Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria.

The Henley Index is issued by a worldwide citizenship and home warning firm Henley and Partners with its base camp in Jersey.

The report was distributed as of late in which the Pakistani international ID was positioned at the One hundred and second (102nd) position from an aggregate of 105 looked into identifications. Be that as it may, Pakistani identification holders can at present go to thirty countries of the world, without applying for a visa as you can get an on-landing visa for the said nations.

Japan and Singapore remain at the highest priority on this rundown with proportional appraisals. Both the Asian nations have superseded Germany which beforehand held the best position.

Just so you know, Japanese and Singaporean identification holders can go to more than one hundred and eighty goals all through the world without applying for a visa. The German Passport, with its sans visa access to more than one hundred and seventy-nine destinations, is in the second position now.

The record’s third position is shared by 7 nations including:

  • South Korea
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Spain

In the event that you are an international ID holder of one of the previously mentioned countries, you can go to one hundred and seventy-eight goals without the requirement for a visa.

As indicated by the details, Malaysia has enhanced above and beyond among Asian nations is positioned eleventh. Malaysian international ID holders can go without a visa, to one hundred and sixty-nine destinations over the globe.

The Henley file demonstrates American and Canadian international IDs positioned in the fifth place. These two nations have a sans visa access to one hundred and seventy-six destinations.

The record demonstrates that the United Arab Emirates remains at the 27th, with without visa access to one hundred and forty destinations over the world.

Here’s the rundown of the five most powerful passports in the world:

  • Japan & Singapore: 180
  • Germany: 179
  • Finland, Spain, South Korea, Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden: 178
  • Norway, Australia, Luxembourg, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands: 177
  • Switzerland, United States, Canada, Ireland: 176
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