Muqabla – A Pakistani live trivia game show app that gives you cash prizes

Evamp and Saanga, a Pakistani software house has planned a live question and answer game show app. The application is called Muqabla which went live on the Google Play Store a week ago. It is an ‘allowed to-play game’ and is appraised 3+, which means anyone can play.

A friend of yours who is already playing this game is supposed to send the application to any of his friends and then the person can downloaded the application straight away and afterwards continue to enlist on it. Here is the way how you can join:

The application expects users to join utilizing their portable numbers because of security reasons and protection concerns and so on, so enter your number and join on the application.

  • Subsequent to presenting your number, you will be sent a One-Time-Password (OTP).
  • After entering the right OTP, you will be then requested to set a username.
  • On a similar screen, you’re requested to enter your referral code (on the off chance that somebody you know enlightened you concerning the application).
  • Be careful, you can just set your username once, i.e. you can’t change it later on.

The game show conducts a live trivia every day at a given time. The trivia’s host asks contestants 11 questions along with 3 choices for each question. A time period of 10 seconds is given to the contestant, after which his/her answer won’t be accepted, resulting in elimination. The contestant will be eliminated if the answer is incorrect as well.

One way for users to get another shot at the question is to use a life, which can only be gained through referrals, i.e. by referring the app to others. As mentioned in the sign-up procedure above, you’re asked to enter your referral code when you’re signing up. To refer the app to others, tap on the “Get Lives” highlight on the home screen of the application. In that, you’ll be demonstrated your referral code. Simply forward this code to everybody you share the application with and request that they join utilizing your referral code. When somebody joins utilizing your referral code and plays a diversion, you’ll get an additional life!

The best part about the diversion is the payout system. The minimum cash-out amount is Rs. 1,000/-. When you accomplish the farthest point, you can exchange the amount to your EasyPaisa account. That is it. No inconveniences or conventions.

While this is a pleasant activity, let’s see how the general population’s reacts to it. Such an application activity has not been trialed in the nation previously and the closest choices are the diversion demonstrates being led on TV programs.

Download the app Muqabla now.

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