If you lost your job, here’s how to avoid a downward spiral

Heed these tips and you could wind up even happier than you were before:

  1. Grant yourself the time to decompress, process what happened and allow time to feel lousy about the job loss. There is no need to pretend that everything is wonderful. Of course, it’s not and you have the right to feel lousy—but only for a little while.
  2. You may not know this, it is not just you. This thing happens to almost everyone at one point in their career.
  3. Use this time to deeply contemplate the next move.
  4. Ask yourself some real challenging questions
  5. Be aware of your mental, emotional and physical state. If you find yourself declining rapidly, please seek out some help and guidance.
  6. To avoid falling into a downward spiral, maintain a rigorous daily routine of eating right, avoiding alcohol and drugs, exercise, maintain regular contact with people, attend industry-related events to network and read up on new developments in your field.
  7. Write down an action plan detailing how you will go about finding a new job. Follow the game plan every day, especially when you are feeling like giving up hope.
  8. Try to remain positive and upbeat—even if you aren’t.
  9. Celebrate all the little accomplishments
  10. Once you are done feeling sorry for yourself, don’t allow yourself any more pity parties