Jeff Bezos’ company to charge $200,000 for each space trip

New Shepard, a widely praised rocket of Jeff Bezos’ is rumored to come at a price of minimum $200,000. The employees and associates of Blue Origins leaked the news to Reuters. The space trips are likely to start next year and reportedly the charges lie between $200,000 and $300,000 for the first few trips.

New Shepard is a service of Blue Origins, which was founded by Bezos back in 2000. It’s safe to say that Bezos, who is currently the richest man in the world, has a lot of free funds lying around and he has to invest it somewhere. Space enthusiasts, thrill seekers, and the entire aerospace industry have been antedating an official word about the price of the trips. After all, the price of the trip is huge in the demand of the trip, which will be crucial in defining the profitability and overall viability of the venture.

Last month, executives of Blue Origins said that the company will conduct test runs of the rocket in the coming months while tickets will be offered to the public by 2019. The company has already revealed the structure and design of the vehicle while no word on the prices and production status has been received yet.

The New Shepard conveys a separable case that can fly six travelers up to 100 km above Earth without a man guiding the rocket, i.e. the rocket is independent. Clients have a period section of a couple of minutes wherein they can encounter the sentiment of weightlessness and see the encompassing nearby planetary group. A short time later, the container segregates itself from the rocket and begins plunging back to Earth. Inevitably, parachutes open up to back off the case’s plummet.

Starting travelers will most presumably be Blue Origins’ own particular workers. This is most likely because of the way that space travel on a business level has not been executed yet. Organizations like Virgin Galactic and Space X, both claimed by tycoons Richard Branson and Elon Musk separately have attempted their submit business space travel however have been not able really execute a space trip. Branson’s Virgin Galactic has sold 650 tickets of their space trip yet hasn’t really directed one yet nor affirmed any plans to.

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