Instagram’s new question and answer feature comes under fire

Instagram as of late included a question and answer highlight to its stories, wherein users can post their story and let their followers ask questions. This is just like the Sarahah app. Instagram’s question and answer feature is not anonymous. This means, when you ask a question, they can see it’s you asking the question!

Instagram misleads users by saying that when their questions are shared, their usernames won’t be revealed. But here’s what actually happens:

For instance, I’ve just posted a story on my Instagram, asking my followers to “Ask me a question”. One of my friends responded to my story by asking me a question. Now, I can see that he has asked me the question, meaning there is no factor of anonymity present. I answer his question and then share the response on my story. This response, i.e. what goes on the story does not show which of my friends asked the question. In essence though, I know who asked the question and from a larger point of view, that is what leads to numerous users facing embarrassing situations in their social circles.

Industry specialists have commented that the consistent expansion of new features and filters etc. by Instagram is an attempt to spare their market share. Starting at now, users are always shifting from one app onto the next and it appears as though Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, might clone the features of each app that gets famous. For example, both WhatsApp and Instagram have cloned Snapchat’s much-acclaimed “Stories” feature.

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