Gourmet has now launched a news channel called ‘Gourmet News Network’

Gourmet began as a bakery in Lahore and Islamabad. For a long time Gourmet sold bread items until the point when the organization chose to quickly expand their business.

Soon the organization began franchising and different branches of its pastry shop began flying up, specially in Lahore. Today Gourmet is one of the biggest chains of bakeries in the city with a branch in almost every community of Lahore.

In any case, the organization didn’t stop there. Gourmet has extended past prepared merchandise into desserts, garments, eateries, filtered water, solidified products, and different things. Yet, nobody had an idea that the organization would be going to the extent of beginning their own news channel.

If you still haven’t had the chance to look at their channel yet, you can tune in your TV and will presumably locate this new channel known as GNN which is short for Gourmet News Network.

Right now the test transmission of the channel has gone live yet there aren’t any projects being communicated aside from a couple of promotions portraying what the channel is about. We wonder what next Gourmet has in it’s pipeline.

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