This girl shares her experience with PTCL after recently coming from abroad

Recently, I came across a Facebook post in which a girl who has come back to Pakistan after many years shared her experience with PTCL. She expressed herself as a satisfied customer of PTCL and its broad band service.

Nadia Shah came back to Pakistan from UAE a while ago and never did she expect to see such progressive change in Pakistan over the years while she was abroad.

The post stated:

As I recently returned to Pakistan after many years I had this image in my mind that everything would be the same as I had left it. I was under the impression that Pakistan had not progressed and I would find the conditions stagnant at a point that I left years ago. But I must say that PTCL specially has impressed me to the core! I mean I can easily video call all my friends abroad without interruption and watch my favourite shows through Netflix all day long. Lol…I actually thought I’d be cut off from the world  But seriously…Pakistan without a doubt has progressed more than I had in mind and I hope it reinvents itself for the better. So it’s not that backward guys…come and see for yourself!

Once I got in touch with Nadia she expressed, that coming back to Pakistan and witnessing the growth of the country has made her really proud and happy. In fact she not only praised PTCL but also talked about lavish malls like Dolmen Mall, tantalising dine out places like Xanders or Cosmopolitan and cinema houses like Nueplex and the Cine Gold at Bahria.

Nonetheless, we appreciate how people have begun to realize the positive side of Pakistan and its growing economy.