An Exclusive Interview with Shoaib Feroz, CEO – Chunky Monkey

BM: Tell us about your Educational background and professional journey, from where did you start and how did you reach here?
My career was on the go when I was 16 as I was instructed by my father to step into the family business as a part timer, after completion of higher studies I joined as a full timer in 1989. And finally crossed all the barriers successfully and launched our brand “Chunky Monkey.” The concept of indoor amusement park was introduced by my ancestors in 1987 at Tariq road and now taken further by us.

BM: What was the reason behind exact title of Chunky Monkey?
As the name reflects it’s all about having fun, adventure Jungle and animals. As I, myself, appreciate the adventurous life of a jungle, so thought of introducing something which could attract the kids and create the artificial world of jungle with one of the best rides in it, so that they could be entertained at its optimum level.

BM: What is your vision, what was the first aspect that you came up with this mission?
Vision is Entertainment for all age groups keeping safety and quality as a standard mark of my brand “CHUNKY MONKEY”. As we have recently introduced 132 feet high tower (THE LARGEST TOWER OF PAKISTAN) imported from Italy, all the efforts were made individually by us only and were not supported by any government department or official. Me and my Team visited Europa Park in Germany (The best European Park) and few others in Turkey and Dubai and tend to introduce the same concept, matching quality and standard as well

BM: How do you vision of preserving the cleanliness and ambiance here?
Well, after maintaining the standards of cleanliness by using international techniques in our current projects its quiet easy for us now. Like on certain occasion we have witnessed a foot fall of 22000 people but still achieved our goal of giving standard

BM: What new ventures are you planning to bring to this country?
Currently all of our focus in on our new project, which is a water park. The construction will be started from next year and it involves huge investment. As it’s a water park, it is indeed a challenge for us to maintain the quality and standards. Highly trained professionals and experts in water park from Italy, Turkey and America has visited our site and has given their analysis regarding the construction of this new water park. It is assured, that we won’t be compromising on the cleanliness. Most importantly we have registered our brand Chunky Monkey in the U.S. and will be INAUGRATING an amusement park in Virginia next year.

“Vision is Entertainment for all age groups keeping safety and quality as a standard mark of my brand “CHUNKY MONKEY.”

BM: How do you manage your personal life with a lot of business responsibilities?
By keeping a balance in both as family is as important as my new Project/BRAND and Business is.

BM: How do you manage your team that works below you?
When it comes to my sub ordinates I believe in their sense of security with relaxed minds in all aspects then only they will provide me the best services and hard work as demand by my BRAND “Chunky Monkey.

BM: Your brand has made its mark and people know about it, how much the government supports you?
Is there any government? We get no support from them. We build the roads outside chunky monkey by our own funds. But if our government supports then nothing can stop us. From inaugurating the best water park of not only Pakistan but the best in WORLD.

BM: How do you deal with competition?
We highly support a strong positive competition as if there is no competition how people will judge our brand and its standards. OUR ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS!!!

BM: Any message for the readers and those people who think that there should be another mall for them?
Karachi is a metropolitan city and bears a population of around 20 million yes there should be more malls not only in Karachi but throughout Pakistan but keeping the standard, quality cleanliness and best brands as CONSTANT.

“Nothing can stop us from inaugurating the best water park of not only Pakistan but the best in world.”