Egg-shaped Ecocapsule has finally hit the market

The egg-shaped Eco-capsule, which made its debut in 2015, is finally available on the market. According to the Bratislava-based designers, an initial 50 will be sold in 2018 and more are planned for 2019.Related imageThe Eco-capsule has a steel frame with a fiberglass shell and polyurethane foam insulation. This eliminates the need for a conventional foundation and enables the micro-home to be transplanted to a solid, flat piece of ground.Homeowners enter through the sliding door. Once inside, owners will find a bed and a small camper van-style bathroom, which includes a shower a composting toilet. The kitchenette includes a sink and electric stove. The mini-fridge is optional. In the remaining space lies a small seating area, a desk, closet, and some storage space.Power is obtained either from a standard grid hookup or an 880 W solar panel array. The unit also includes a 750 W wind turbine which is mounted on a telescopic pole. Both the solar array and the micro wind turbine are hooked up to batteries.Water is obtained from an integrated rainwater collection system and stored in tanks.Users also have the ability to draw water from an external source, such as a stream.