Edhi Foundation & Coca Cola join hands for Ramazan donation

After a successful 2017, Coca Cola and Edhi Foundation have once again joined hands together to begin their donation campaign during the month of Ramazan. The campaign is all set to kick-start aiming to drive as much as donations possible to Edhi Foundation through Coca-Cola.

Executives from Coca-Cola said praised Late Abdul Sattar Edhi and his services by stating; “His legacy must be continued by making sure that a steady stream of donations is provided to the organisation that has helped millions of Pakistanis.”

Carrying on their last year trend,  the campaign will consist of a special bottle named the ‘Bottle of Change’. Once a customer buys the bottle a small percentage will be handed to the foundation.

One thing that sets this campaign apart from others is that Coca-Cola will be doubling the donations up to a limit of RS 25 million.

While Pakistanis have generously supported Edhi foundation throughout the year, Ramazan has always been traditionally the time when donations reach their peak.

With Coca-Cola running a special campaign, the company expects a steady stream of donations will be maintained.


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